Spring the flip – Week 7

Hi.  Thanks for stopping by to my blog.  I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures in flipping.  In case you missed it, here’s last week’s adventure.  And as always, please feel free to reach out to me for design services.



The first round of sanding has been wrapped up this week as well as starting to filling in holes.  However, until my HVAC system is fully functional I can’t plaster the larger holes due to the fact the house is still full of moist air.


After finishing up most of the framing in the basement, the carpenter added a door & started on the deck.  Isn’t it going to be so nice to be able to go to the backyard from the dining room?  As you can see there used to be a door to the backyard & a deck, but the previous owners decided they’d rather have a larger kitchen & fridge where the door was instead.  I think access directly to the backyard is crucial.


We permanently installed the sewage ejector pit (I know very photo worthy) thanks to the help of my father-in-law (jack of all trades).  I also helped my plumber out by installing the pipe that goes into the ejector.  File off the end of the pipe at an angle, Vaseline the end, stick it in the gasket, put some blocking in the ejector (to reduce movement) & on the end of the pipe (to prevent breaking the pipe), slam blocking at the end of the pipe with sledge hammer & voila, pipe is installed.

The insulation company insulated the attic which is nice to see.  We can’t insulate the basement yet until we get all our rough inspections.

And lastly, the random things that got done which included a louver getting installed in the attic, having my new toy (I mean) paint sprayer arrive, and lastly the saga of the bathtub.  So I originally tried to buy an overstock bathtub for under $100.  I unfortunately missed the sale but bought one that was only $10 more. It was supposed to arrive 2 weeks ago.  I’ve been calling every day since it was supposed to arrive.  Major retail box store didn’t know where it was …. It looked like it was at the distribution center but nobody could find it … So lucky me, they let me take home a tub they had on hand in the store for the same price I paid for the lost one, which ironically is the same bathtub I missed out on the great deal in the first place.  So here’s a tip, if you are buying a new tub, I suggest you get a tub that has the foam pad already adhered to the bottom.  It requires no setting in mortar and (after a bit of finagling and taking a small amount of drywall so it would fit) is relatively easy to install with two people.  And yes two women installed the new tub.

There was a lot of activity this week which is exciting.  One day there was even 5 or 6 cars parked at the house at once.  I like seeing all the activity & look forward to more.

Accomplishments this week:

  • Attic insulation installed
  • Rough framing in basement complete
  • Attic louver purchase & installed
  • Additional electrical outlets & switches in basement installed
  • Additional plumbing pipes for bathroom & washer/dryer installed
  • Tub finally arrived & installed
  • Back door installed
  • Back deck started
  • Sewage ejector installed
  • Sewage ejector pipe installed
  • First round of sanding complete
  • Some of the small holes in the walls upstairs filled in
  • Purchased & received my new Graco paint sprayer

More exciting things to come next week.  See you then.


Spring the flip – Week 5

Hi.  Thanks for stopping by to my blog.  I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures in flipping.  In case you missed it, here’s last week adventure.  And as always, please feel free to reach out to me for design services.


This week the sub-contractors made significant progress. See the red & blue PEX?  Very exciting! The remaining ductwork was removed & a new furnace was “installed”.

IMG_1840 IMG_1842

In the process of removing the old furnaces (yes there were two) we discovered that the there were CMU block open to the dirt underneath …. Why you ask?  No idea.  The furnace that was on top of this was, not shockingly, so rusted we could barely put it on a dolly to move it.  Both my carpenter & I made quick work of filling in a bunch of holes in the slab this week with concrete.  I learned that if the hole in which you are putting concrete into is already filled with water, you need significantly less water to make it concrete.  LOL.

IMG_1849 IMG_1859

Spring also gave me several gifts this week including unopened package of panty hose, flip flops, one high heeled shoe, change, and my husband’s favorite legos.


Prior to the carpenter getting to work, I worked on painting the steel columns with Rustoleum.  This paint color was a good less on how paint color changes as it dries.  I was a little concerned when it came out the can as magenta.  But it thankfully dried a beautiful brick color.  It’s too bad these guys will be buried in a wall when this is all done.  They look so much better.


Later in the week I worked on smashy smashy.  I first was trying to neatly take off the bottom row of tile so I could pull out the bathtub to replace it.  The row above kept chipping unfortunately so all out it came.  I even enlisted the help of an awesome teenager to remove the ceiling.  Something about being too short to safely smash above my head.

IMG_1850 IMG_1865

My friend & the same teenage son above helped me move the giant pile of dirt outside using buckets while I shoveled.  With the help of 2 other people, we thankfully made quick work of what would have probably taken me at 5 hours worth of work to do by myself.


And last but not least ….. WALLS!!!



After a bit of a delay, my carpenter is finally putting up the walls my subs need to finish their work.  I’ve very excited to see the layout I came up with becoming a reality. This is where the spaces start to feel real.


Accomplishments this week:

  • Rough plumbing is almost 100% complete
  • Finished putting up the Vapor barrier on all the foundation walls & under the locations for the framing
  • Rough framing is about 60% complete
  • Rotting framing removed
  • Bathroom tile & backerboard removed
  • Giant mud/dirt pile removed
  • Shower fixture ordered
  • Random holes in slab filled in with concrete
  • Sanded more walls upstairs

Whew that was a lot

More exciting things to come next week.  See you then.



Spring the flip – Week 3 & 4

Hi.  Thanks for stopping by to my blog.  I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures in flipping.  In case you missed it, here’s last week adventure.  And as always, please feel free to reach out to me for design services.


Sorry for the delay in posting this but the last two weeks my computer time has been consumed by taxes …. taxes … & more taxes.  Isn’t doing your own taxes fun? NOT!

Week 3 & 4 were filled with exciting demolition:


And my plumber got to work.  Look no more crazy PVC elbow city:



Also during the last few weeks I’ve been doing some domestic archeology:

IMG_1742   IMG_1743IMG_1803

The alcohol was found in hidden in the ductwork.  The sign was buried in the bushes in the backyard.  I’m hoping the last one is Spring trying to tell me she appreciates the work I’m doing (“A Glimmer Of Hope”).

Lastly, I worked on starting to sand the upstairs walls in prep for paint.  Normally I wouldn’t bother with doing a 60 or 80 grit sanding on an already painted home but with Spring being empty with no heat & completely open to the environment in places in the basement, I wanted to make sure I got all the bubbles out of the paint before I painted. A lower grit paper will make quick work of anything it finds (as evidenced by the picture below).  My Ryobi & I go a long way back.  I have a special fondness for my orbital sander because it was the first tool I bought for myself (and not just borrowed from other people).  My husband didn’t see the use in buying one … so I just bought one anyway.  Boy was he wrong.  My sander & I have removed many walls of wallpaper together since then.  Normally, a good installation of wallpaper will require more then just an orbital sander.  Usually there’s a pretty extensive process to remove it, if it’s done right.  However, the key is if the wallpaper has been applied properly.  This was not the case at Spring.  It was cheap stick-on wallpaper bought at some major box store most likely.  The one down side to my sander is that I can’t get the filter bags to stay on it anymore (they just fly right off).  Because of that, I have to wear a filter mask, protective glasses, & I get to do lots of sweeping afterwards.  But that doesn’t really matter.  As you can see, it works just fine at sanding.


In non-flip work if you missed it on my Instagram & Twitter feed, I visited one of my design projects in Dorchester that’s been coming along well.



Add my grandmother’s funeral, holy week & taxes into the mix and it’s been a pretty busy couple of weeks.

Accomplishments these weeks:

  • Removed all major ductwork
  • Removed all copper piping
  • Removed all gas piping
  • Ordered lighting
  • Broke my father-in-laws $19 saws-all (oh wait that’s not an accomplishment)
  • Had Masssave come in & give me a quote (can only get the attic insulation & free light bulbs)
  • Started sanding the upstairs walls
  • Plumber started the drains for the fixtures
  • Walked 9.5 miles pushing two kids on Good Friday
  • Finished my Taxes

More exciting things to come next week.  See you then.