Spring the Flip – Week 8 & 9

Hi.  Thanks for stopping by to my blog.  I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures in flipping.  In case you missed it, here’s last week’s adventure.  And as always, please feel free to reach out to me for design services.

How in the world has it been 2 months already!  It feels like time is flying by and at the same time slow as molasses.

So in week 8, I gave myself a birthday present & went to Brimfield with a friend & her new bundle of joy for the first time.  My littlest one & I had a blast.  Being ALL boy he loved the antique pedal cars.  Sorry kid but mommy can’t afford those.  I don’t usually lean towards antiques per say but I do tend to enjoy more industrial pieces.  I felt like I was walking through a museum of eclectic interesting things.  We saw a boat my grandfather would love, a table that I need … well because (which I didn’t buy), drafting tables & stools and much, much more. I really enjoyed seeing how some retailers show their items off in unique ways or pairings.  I’m not sure I would buy an eye painting but put a bunch of them together and it’s rather intriguing … or creepy, you pick.



I unfortunately didn’t find all I was looking for (mirror and shelf brackets at a reasonable price I’m talking to you).  I felt pretty good restraining myself from spending too much & walked away with only a couple of items.  One of which included this cute item which will be used to stage Spring once she’s listed.



Ok now that I’ve bored you with antiquing, here’s the update on spring.

A LOT has happened.  you can see the full list below but here’s some picture snapshots.  My carpenter was hard at work on the exterior.  Stairs & deck framed & approved.  The flashing on the “doghouse” aka back door is now under the shingles instead of on top. The window sill by the new stairs which previously had a pile of dirt in front of it hiding the massive amount of rot on the outside has been replaced.  All rough inspections are complete.  Most appliances have been purchased from a place literally less then 2 minutes away from Spring.  I really wish I had known this place existed when I was doing my house.  I got a great deal on some slightly dented models.  I now have two locations with running water (huzzah).  And last but not least check out the cabinet by the front door.  Isn’t that awesome!  I felt that with this being a split entry, there really was no place to drop your shoes when you came in.  This is where the big Swedish furniture store came to the rescue.  It took me 10 minutes to assemble & my carpenter about 20 minutes to install.  It is supported by the studs & some extra framing in the wall supporting the stair.  I think the new owners are really going to appreciate having a place either display pretty things or a place to land their shoes right here.  Don’t you?


Last I leave you with this image from Spring’s front yard:


Accomplishments these weeks:

  • Framing approval
  • Rough electrical approval
  • Rough plumbing approval
  • Rough gas approval
  • Back deck complete
  • Flashing on doghouse fixed & re-shingled
  • Misc shingles fixed and/or replaced
  • Three foot section of termite damaged sill plate on interior replaced (it was literally mush)
  • Insulation installed in basement
  • Concrete in basement bathroom area poured (hooray no more hole)
  • Sump pump & sump pump piping installed back in its proper location thanks to my handy father-in-law
  • Water meter hooked up
  • Gas meter hooked up
  • Outdoor spigot & washer water supply installed (finally water!)
  • And I cleaned, cleaned & cleaned (took the trash that had been collecting out & swept all the dirt/mud caked floors)
  • Purchased washer, dryer, stove, & fridge (no dishwasher purchase yet & the microwave seems to work)
  • Purchased a drywall hoist & hand cart for moving aforementioned large items
  • Started stripping the supply vent covers
  • Misc stuff (I’m sure I missed something)


More exciting things to come next week.  See you then.