Spring the flip – Week 7

Hi.  Thanks for stopping by to my blog.  I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures in flipping.  In case you missed it, here’s last week’s adventure.  And as always, please feel free to reach out to me for design services.



The first round of sanding has been wrapped up this week as well as starting to filling in holes.  However, until my HVAC system is fully functional I can’t plaster the larger holes due to the fact the house is still full of moist air.


After finishing up most of the framing in the basement, the carpenter added a door & started on the deck.  Isn’t it going to be so nice to be able to go to the backyard from the dining room?  As you can see there used to be a door to the backyard & a deck, but the previous owners decided they’d rather have a larger kitchen & fridge where the door was instead.  I think access directly to the backyard is crucial.


We permanently installed the sewage ejector pit (I know very photo worthy) thanks to the help of my father-in-law (jack of all trades).  I also helped my plumber out by installing the pipe that goes into the ejector.  File off the end of the pipe at an angle, Vaseline the end, stick it in the gasket, put some blocking in the ejector (to reduce movement) & on the end of the pipe (to prevent breaking the pipe), slam blocking at the end of the pipe with sledge hammer & voila, pipe is installed.

The insulation company insulated the attic which is nice to see.  We can’t insulate the basement yet until we get all our rough inspections.

And lastly, the random things that got done which included a louver getting installed in the attic, having my new toy (I mean) paint sprayer arrive, and lastly the saga of the bathtub.  So I originally tried to buy an overstock bathtub for under $100.  I unfortunately missed the sale but bought one that was only $10 more. It was supposed to arrive 2 weeks ago.  I’ve been calling every day since it was supposed to arrive.  Major retail box store didn’t know where it was …. It looked like it was at the distribution center but nobody could find it … So lucky me, they let me take home a tub they had on hand in the store for the same price I paid for the lost one, which ironically is the same bathtub I missed out on the great deal in the first place.  So here’s a tip, if you are buying a new tub, I suggest you get a tub that has the foam pad already adhered to the bottom.  It requires no setting in mortar and (after a bit of finagling and taking a small amount of drywall so it would fit) is relatively easy to install with two people.  And yes two women installed the new tub.

There was a lot of activity this week which is exciting.  One day there was even 5 or 6 cars parked at the house at once.  I like seeing all the activity & look forward to more.

Accomplishments this week:

  • Attic insulation installed
  • Rough framing in basement complete
  • Attic louver purchase & installed
  • Additional electrical outlets & switches in basement installed
  • Additional plumbing pipes for bathroom & washer/dryer installed
  • Tub finally arrived & installed
  • Back door installed
  • Back deck started
  • Sewage ejector installed
  • Sewage ejector pipe installed
  • First round of sanding complete
  • Some of the small holes in the walls upstairs filled in
  • Purchased & received my new Graco paint sprayer

More exciting things to come next week.  See you then.


Spring the flip – Week 6

Hi.  Thanks for stopping by to my blog.  I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures in flipping.  In case you missed it, here’s last week’s adventure.  And as always, please feel free to reach out to me for design services.



This week things are starting to shape up & bring Spring out of the “nothing works” phase.


The beginning of the week was gorgeous out so I decided to start with an outside task.  I had to call in the reinforcements for help on this.  The “yard” was so covered in vines, prickly branch thingys (yes that’s a technical term) that you couldn’t even grasp how big the yard was.





The yard feels at least twice the size it was now!  There’s nothing a weed wacker & a chain saw can’t handle!

Also with help, I was able to remove the bathtub & prep the bathroom for the new tub scheduled to arrive next week.  I couldn’t believe how light the thing was.  Who needs strong contractor men when two woman can totally do the job!

And lastly the last photo worthy accomplishment HVAC system (minus gas & electricity) was completed (happy dance):

And last but not least, I leave you with this image:


Accomplishments this week:

  • Heating (HVAC) system install complete
  • Dug out sewage ejector pit
  • Cut down a ton of vines, etc. & cleaned up the yard a bit
  • Sanded most of the walls upstairs in preparation for painting
  • Most of the remaining framing & soffits are complete
  • Purchased a sash replacement for broken window (that I found out from the neighbor was broken by the previous owners after they were foreclosed on).  I was super excited to find out that the windows are still under warrantee!!! All I had to pay for was shipping.

More exciting things to come next week.  See you then.


Spring the Flip – Week 1

Earlier this week I gave a brief introduction to spring.

Spring is an approximately 1000+sf split level ranch home in which the upstairs was in pretty good shape for being a foreclosure and abandoned for somewhere in the range 1-3 years.  Downstairs on the other hand is a different story.  Spring upon purchase had no running electricity, plumbing or heating.  Yes you read that correctly. If you’re asking yourself “Is she flipping crazy?” the answer is yes.

I’m considering this week as week 1 because this is the first week I can work on her as my full time job.  When in reality she was purchased a couple of weeks ago.  The week before week 1, my electrician was hard at work trying to get me some power so I can get to start using some tools, oh and run the sump pump so the basement stops flooding.  For those not living in New England, the water table here is pretty high so whenever it rains or snow thaws in certain areas the water can seep in.  No running electricity = sump pump no worky = basement flooding.  Which generally speaking is never a good thing.

Well enough of the talking and lets give you the full visual tour:

Let’s start with the exterior.






Now to the interior

This kitchen is in really good shape.  It just needs a few new parts & finish work.
Dining Room
Living room (yes with a fireplace)
This is why this style home is called a split entry.


I don’t understand why someone would use a paint ball gun in their house ….



This is in really good shape.  Not my style per say but the tile looks almost brand new.

And then we go downstairs …..

Very illegal wiring hanging all over the place
And last but not least, the very illegal plumbing installed by the previous owner.


Accomplishments for this week:

  • Got quotes from HVAC & Plumbing contractors in order to get competitive pricing
  • Electrician finished up the service last week & National grid installed a meter (hooray!)
  • My electrician hooked up my sump pump to an outlet so the basement would stop flooding (again, hooray!)
  • I swept, and swept, and swept, oh yeah and I swept.  With the basement regularly filling with water from the sump hole, dirt also came along for the ride.  Every day I swept more would come off the floor.
  • The floor’s last puddle finally dried out.
  • Removed cabinet doors to fix the ones that need minor fixing (the stile & rails were separating)
  • Last, I steel brushed the existing steel columns that run down the center of the house.  While they are structurally stable, they’re a bit rusty near the bottom and needed a cleaning.

More exciting things to come next week.  See you then.


Powder room upgrades

With building a whole house from scratch, making every space feel like home is a long process. Recently, our neglected powder room has gotten several upgrades.

The anchor was a free gift at a networking event made by a local company. I unfortunately have lost they’re card so I can’t share they’re name.

The next item aquired was the lovely art done by my daughter that I received for Mother’s Day.

And the last item acquired was the mirror that I received for free from an office move. How have I survived this long without a mirror in the powder room. Well this room is mostly for guests and they don’t live here. So guests rejoice, you can now check to see if you have food in your teeth or your tie is on straight!

So with these three free gifts, this room is starting to feel more lived-in and less like the neglected child.


Flush Technology

Today’s product is a toilet. But this is no ordinary toilet.

American Standard has created a new toilet bowl technology called VorMax. Instead of having the water drop down the bowl through many holes (like all standard toilets have since forever), it only has one place where the water comes from, thus creating basically a whirlpool around the bowl.


This technology has gotten some of the highest ratings for solid removal from the bowl.  Not to get personal, but where was this when we were building our house?!?!?!

There are several different models that now have this technology.  Check it out.

Also their commercials are slightly amusing too.

I also would like to know, is there anyone out there that has used one of these toilets? Does it live up to all they say it is? Please let me know because I’ve been let down by clean bowl & powerful flush claims before.

I was not paid for this product endorsement. The thoughts expressed are solely my own ramblings.