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public library

My daughter and I have been visiting the local library on a weekly basis recently. From the outside the building is rather plain and undescript. Just sort of ….eh.

However, when you walk in this is the view you get:

Open & light with exposed wood structure. It makes me want to just sit and stare up. How about you?


Powder room upgrades

With building a whole house from scratch, making every space feel like home is a long process. Recently, our neglected powder room has gotten several upgrades.

The anchor was a free gift at a networking event made by a local company. I unfortunately have lost they’re card so I can’t share they’re name.

The next item aquired was the lovely art done by my daughter that I received for Mother’s Day.

And the last item acquired was the mirror that I received for free from an office move. How have I survived this long without a mirror in the powder room. Well this room is mostly for guests and they don’t live here. So guests rejoice, you can now check to see if you have food in your teeth or your tie is on straight!

So with these three free gifts, this room is starting to feel more lived-in and less like the neglected child.

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Broyhill Brasillia Cabinet

This 1960’s china cabinet designed by Eames has now found a new home. We purchased it from friends of our family. The dining table & chairs that match it will find a new home too after the whole set gets assesed as to how much refinishing it needs. The chair legs are a little worn from use. In the mean time I will enjoy it’s vintage modern simplicity, that is still applicable today, until it is joined by its friends currently in my basement.