Spring the flip – Week 2

Hi.  Thank you for joining me on my adventures in flipping.  In case you missed it, here’s last week adventure.  And as always, please feel free to reach out to me for design services.


Week two was a bit slower in activity.  I had several more contractors give me quotes.  I should be able to make a decision on a heating & plumbing contractors by Monday at the latest.  Building department decided my chicken scratch sketch was not enough information for a permit.  How do contractors seem to get away with it but I can’t …. Oh well.  It means I’ve been working on some plans which I’ll be able to share with you in a later post. I also added vapor barrier to some of the existing foundation walls so that water will not ruin my newly dry-walled basement when its done.  For those not in the construction industry: vapor barrier is a fancy word for big thick piece of plastic; a must for any basement that is going to be finished.

If you follow me on Instagram or twitter you would have seen that I’ve fixed the existing kitchen cabinet doors & spent a lot of time getting a nice upper body workout with a steel grinder on the existing columns in the basement.  All but one of the columns cleaned up looking almost new on the first pass.

img_1706[1]   IMG_1720

At the end of the week I got the privilege of going into my daughter’s school and presenting about what architects do to her entire class.  It was a ton of fun!  My husband showed them cool technology while I showed them all sorts of really cool materials that we use in buildings.  I think they learned a lot and they seemed to be fascinated.

IMG_1722  IMG_1723

After the presentation even though I was exhausted (have you ever spent time with 19 kindergarteners?), I went back to the flip for some limited demolition.  I got out the saws-all and had at it.

IMG_1726  IMG_1727

Ten minutes later, the disintegrating wood studs were gone!  Hello, firewood.

Lastly, some promising landscaping appeared:



Accomplishments for this week:

  • Fixed Kitchen cabinet doors
  • Ground the steel columns
  • Close to hiring the remaining contractors
  • Demolished a wall
  • Added vapor barrier to some of the existing foundation walls

More exciting things to come next week.  See you then.


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