Local purse artist

While I have not met the owner of this product yet, after reading about her in a local magazine I’m intrigued by her work.

Emma Ferioli sources all her materials locally (which is a big win in my book) and she creates almost everything herself (also a win). Her story reads like this: she was gifted a spinning wheel and loom and started playing around and out of it a business was born.

Don’t like the shape or number of pockets or lining material? Not a problem! She will make custom prices to fit any needs. While her prices are not cheap, they’re not any less expensive then other brand names bags that will last just as long.

I have to admit I have a recent appreciation for hand woven fabrics. I recently purchased this hand woven hot mitt from a place in Colorado that helps support individuals with mental disabilities. Great cause, great products. They are absolutely stunning.

As a bonus you get to preview my new LED under cabinet accent lighting. I am a firm believer that under cabinet lighting is a must for all kitchens. And low energy LED’s are a bonus!


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