Finn Juhl Clock Replica

When I was a young child in school, we had a “regular” clock (aka not digital …) in our classroom.  (Do these even exist anymore?) Every day a different person was supposed to read the time on the clock to help us learn how to have a better understanding of time.  Well, I was incredibly poor at reading a regular clock.  (Still am.) So because of that my teacher required that for a long period of time (I can’t remember if it was a month or a week) that I would be the only one to read the clock all day long until I could easily read it.  Even with this mortifying experience, for some reason I seem drawn to using clocks as art or decoration in every room of my home. There’s something compelling about a piece of artwork that moves. Full disclosure: I once had 4 clocks within eyesight in one room of my old row house & I currently have a German hand crafted cukoo clock in my living room.

So in order to continue this trend someone needs to buy me this:



Buy here

Architectmade revives replicas of items designed by architects and sells them. This clock is a half scale replica of the design by the Swedish architect Finn Juhl. This happens to be the design that in the 1940’s made him well known. It’s made of gorgeous teak & aluminum and speaks to my inner minimalist side.

There’s no way I can afford the price tag on this beauty so I’ll just have to sit and dream of how nice it would look in my house.


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