A Tale of Two Spray Guns Part 2

Step 3: Spray Gun #2

With all the trails & tribulations I had with spray gun #1, I decided to use the gun I had borrowed from my friend who flips houses.  This gun also runs on air but is instead a syphon gun instead of a top feed gun.  I poured the paint I had been trying to get work in gun #1 (the thinned & filtered paint) into gun #2.  And Voila!  It worked just fine.

Now ideally when spray painting you should have a well ventilated indoor space in order to paint.  I alas, do not have such a space that I’m willing to get paint all over.  So, I resorted to outside.  There are some drawbacks to painting outside.  First, you may end up with bugs, dirt, etc. in your paint due to wind so try & paint outside on minimally windy days.  Second, you will need to move the furniture inside for the night if you are trying to beat Mr. Cold in the fall.

So with my new borrowed gun working, I first taped the Formica top so as to not paint it.


And then I got to spraying.  The technique for spraying is pretty simple, spray back & forth.  But there are a couple ground rules that make the quality of the spray better.

1) Always spray past the edge of the furniture before moving back the other direction.  This is because when you turn directions, that surface gets coated twice & can cause uneven coverage which can make the paint job look blotchy. And nobody wants that!

2) Make sure you blow out all the dust before spraying.  I made this mistake and ended up with saw dust in my newly painted surface. Guess who gets to re-sand & spray again?  Yup, this girl.


3) It is always better to do multiple thin coats, as opposed to less thicker coats.  The reason is that a thicker coat of spray can drip.  Which means more sanding & more spraying to get a flat nice looking surface.  This is what they looked like after coat #1:


I can already tell with the new color of white a choose they look much brighter & less dingy.

Step 4: Accent color

To be continued….


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