Flush Technology

Today’s product is a toilet. But this is no ordinary toilet.

American Standard has created a new toilet bowl technology called VorMax. Instead of having the water drop down the bowl through many holes (like all standard toilets have since forever), it only has one place where the water comes from, thus creating basically a whirlpool around the bowl.


This technology has gotten some of the highest ratings for solid removal from the bowl.  Not to get personal, but where was this when we were building our house?!?!?!

There are several different models that now have this technology.  Check it out.

Also their commercials are slightly amusing too.

I also would like to know, is there anyone out there that has used one of these toilets? Does it live up to all they say it is? Please let me know because I’ve been let down by clean bowl & powerful flush claims before.

I was not paid for this product endorsement. The thoughts expressed are solely my own ramblings.


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