A Flip & A Flash

Recently I went to check out a house to possibly flip. It was not that far from me and it looked like it might be at the right price. More on that later.

I wanted to use this post to show you the importance of proper flashing. I really love the diamond shaped windows that are pretty popular around this area. Most of the time they are loved in the stairwells to bring in light. However, most of them have one common problem: because they were installed so long ago the flashing has completely deteriorated. The other issue is that because the window is angled there is one point on the exterior where water can possibly collect. So unless you are diligent about maintenance, water can easily leak in and cause damage. And this house was the sadly the result of very little maintenance.

Window Damage
Window Damage

And to prove it even more look at the “fix” that was done to the sink! Nothing says quality like duct tape.

Beautiful Duct Tape
Beautiful Duct Tape

I feel like this house has huge potential to be beautiful. There are a ton of nice woodworking details. However, with knob & tube, some asbestos lined plumbing, and a dirt basement floor, even at the price they were asking you wouldn’t able to make enough money on it to be worth flipping.  I really hope that someone does buy this house & saves it because it’s a very cute little house in a nice neighborhood.

Oh well, on to the next potential place.


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