Shower Power

Duravit has an intriguing product I ran across. It’s called Openspace. It’s a shower enclosure that folds up against the walls allowing the space to open up most of the time and only be separated when someone is showering.

Duravit Openspace Shower

There two features that I really appreciate. First is that the enclosure allows you to have a completely barrier-free (handicap accessible) shower that can be folded away. My second favorite feature is that one of the panels can be a mirror. This allows you to have a full length mirror in your bathroom, a must for checking out your outfit before you walk out the door. Says the girl who still does not have any mirrors installed in her masterbath yet.

Duravit Openspace Shower with mirror

I hope I have showered you with enough information to entice you to check it out. (Yeah I know, bad pun.)

I was not paid for this product endorsement. The thoughts expressed are solely my own ramblings.


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