Color of the Year

Today’s inspiration is brought to you by Benjamine Moore’s color trend of 2016.

And the color for 2016 is …. drumroll please ….

Simply white

Simply White

While at first, I’ll be honest I was a little disappointed. I mean really, white … how boring.

But when I thought about it a little more, I realized that I often will use white as a background to allow other colors around it to really stand out.  Here is one example:

houzz simply white

White is also very classic.  It will stand the test of time.  You will not want to change it out in 10 years when the trends change (hello 70’s brown & orange). Subtle tones of white can also be playful & create depth to your space. Just take a look at a friend’s most recent flip house for example:


Now that I’ve talked about white, my other favorite color on the 2016 color pallet was of course …..

Gentle Violet

But I am a bit biased in my love for all things purple.


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