Roof brackets

Today’s out in the “wild” inspirational photo is from a house not far from mine. It has a few traditional looking elements that make it unique and stand out among the houses that surround it.
The first element we’ll look at is the roof bracket over the front door.

Traditional Roof Bracket

I’m not usually a huge fan of ornamentation for the sake of making something “pretty”. This bracket, however, is both functional and unique enough to make this front entrance look special. I especially appreciate the two contrasting colors it has been painted. It makes the pattern of the bracket really pop and draws your attention to it from afar.

I really like this modern more simplistic bracket I found an image of. It gives a nod to more traditional brackets but is modern and functional. It says “I’m here to quietly hold up this roof and not distract you from all the other surrounding features”.  Yes, architecture speaks to me.  What can I say?

Modern Roof Bracket

Happy Monday!


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